Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Why Ignoring Your Check Engine Light Is Never a Good Idea

Why Ignoring Your Check Engine Light Is Never a Good Idea

Our Service Center Is Never Short on Convenient Solutions

Spitzer Toyota Monroeville’s Service Center gives Monroeville, Pennsylvania’s premier Toyota maintenance and repair solutions with certified technicians, original equipment manufacturer parts, and a comprehensive service menu that takes your vehicle the extra mile. Our Service Center makes these perks accessible with Service Specials, convenient online scheduling, and in-depth routine inspections that translate to efficient service and repair fixes.

Is your car’s check engine light flashing?

Even if your vehicle’s check engine warning light is off, there’s a solid chance that you’ve encountered this dashboard alert previously. Toyota check engine light panic is understandable due to fear of the unknown—but you can approach this situation with more level-headedness by knowing how and why you should respond.

How You’ll Benefit from Check Engine Light Service

Following up on your car’s check engine light at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville allows you to find out exactly what’s going wrong inside of your vehicle. These precise diagnoses are facilitated by our Service Center’s technicians, who use diagnostic code readers to recognize warning messages from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system. This analysis gives our Service Center’s technicians the information they need to recommend solutions.

Ignoring an engine light will cause gradual or immediate damage to your car since the dashboard icon is alerting you that one or more components inside of your vehicle are faulty.

The explanation for your check engine warning light isn’t always dire—but it could be.

Common Causes of an Active Check Engine Light

Your check engine light could be appearing due to something as minor as a loose gas cap since the gas cap fosters proper pressure levels in your gas tank. If the gas cap is tightly on, check to ensure the cap doesn’t have any chips or cracks that could trigger the check engine light.

Spark plugs use wires to receive an ignition coil’s spark. Postpone replacing your car’s spark plugs or wires for too long, and you’ll risk a check engine light appearing on your dashboard.

An oxygen sensor monitors the level of unburned oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust system—a process that’s vital to your model’s emissions. If your onboard diagnostics system senses that something’s off with your oxygen sensor, expect an engine warning light. Your car’s mass airflow sensor reads the amount of air entering your engine and calculates how much fuel your engine needs to run optimally. Like a broken oxygen sensor, insufficient airflow sensors make check engine warning lights display.

One of the most expensive possible causes of a check engine light is a failed catalytic converter—an issue that tends to happen when you overlook problems with other components that work alongside your catalytic converter.

We Have Your Check Engine Light Situation Under Control

Check engine light anxiety ends at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville’s Service Center. Our Toyota Service Center keeps check engine light solutions within arm’s reach through assistance from certified technicians, convenient online scheduling, and value-driven Service Specials.

Make your next Spitzer Toyota Monroeville Service appointment the easy way with our online scheduler.

March 30, 2022
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