Should I Service My Car at the Dealership?

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Should I Service My Car at the Dealership?

Dealership Service Center vs. Third-Party Car Service

When your vehicle needs a service, you’re faced with two choices: turn to a dealership service center or use an independent garage. While you can find lower-priced services at a third-party service center, servicing your car at an authorized dealership offers much more value.

Please keep reading to discover the benefits of service at dealerships or visit our physical location at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, Monroeville, PA, to learn more about a dealership service center vs. third-party service.

Why Service Your Car at a Dealership?

Servicing at a dealership has significant benefits for your Toyota. For one, it enables you to access technicians who are certified and trained by Toyota and know your vehicle inside out. As a result of their specialization, the mechanics at a Toyota dealership have specific knowledge of common problems of the brand and know how to resolve them. Independent mechanics are not as specialized.

Moreover, car dealerships only use parts, the latest tools, and diagnostic equipment specifically designed for servicing Toyotas. And since dealerships have the parts and equipment you need on hand, their service departments are often quicker than independent shops. As well as providing high-quality OEM parts and auto services, dealership servicing offers competitive prices to help you save.

Enjoy a Range of Services

Now that you know the benefits of servicing your car at a dealership, you can take advantage of our extensive auto repairs and car maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top running condition.

We offer a wide array of services and repairs, including battery replacement, tire replacement, oil change, brake pad replacement, exhaust system service, transmission replacement, tire rotation, tire patch and repair, and much more.

Trust Spitzer Toyota Monroeville to Keep Your Toyota in Top Condition

If your Toyota vehicle is due for routine maintenance, you should rely on the dealership service at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville to care for and keep your vehicle running in top condition. Our team of experienced and skilled technicians go through specialized training designed for Toyota vehicles. And since almost all the vehicles they work on are Toyotas, they know exactly what to expect in nearly every situation.

Please schedule an appointment online or visit us in person at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, Monroeville, PA, for specialized service today!

December 23, 2021
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