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Spitzer Toyota Service Center

Welcome to the Spitzer Toyota Dealership

Welcome to our Spitzer Toyota Service Center, where our promise to you is professional auto service for repairs, diagnostics, and routine maintenance. Our highly trained Toyota Service professionals are fully qualified to work on your vehicle whether it’s a Toyota or another manufacturer.

If you’re looking up quick, easy, and professional Toyota service near me, Spitzer Toyota is your answer. We’re conveniently located at 4710 William Penn Highway, Monroeville, PA, and you can make service appointments online or with a quick phone call. Best of all, you can enjoy a free cup of premium coffee in our friendly and comfortable lounge while you wait.

A technician checking a tire’s tread

Auto Repair You Can Trust

Quality auto repair is paramount for the long life of your vehicle. It has to be done with know-how, care, and the right parts. Coming to a certified automotive dealer for repairs is always your best option. At Spitzer Toyota, our professionals know the importance of keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, they are Toyota trained, and they only use original Toyota parts.

When you opt for a local auto repair shop, you don’t have these same guarantees. You don’t know how well trained their technicians are, you don’t know what kind of parts they’re using, and you don’t have the assurance of Toyota Spitzer car care.

Close up of a technician working under a car hood

Quick—Convenient—Easy Oil Change Services

Toyota maintenance services are another important factor in keeping your vehicle running well and lasting longer. Changing your oil at factory-recommended intervals will help you do just that. At Spitzer Toyota, we maximize your oil changes with genuine Toyota and Mobil 1 motor oils, which both meet the specifications for optimal vehicle performance, reliability, and fuel economy.

Our service experts will help you determine when to change your oil, what type of oil is best for your vehicle, and whether or not you need other maintenance services like coolant level refills, wiper fluid refills, new air filters, new transmission fluid, and more.

The Confidence of Certified Auto Technicians

Our auto repair and service technicians are all ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. This means you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in great hands. ASE certified technicians have gone through rigorous training, have completed 2 years of hands-on work, and have passed the tests to become a certified mechanic.

They also keep up with the latest in automotive technology, studying and retaking the competency tests every five years to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world of automotive advances.

A technician working on a vehicle’s brake pads

Routine Brake Maintenance Made Easy

Maintaining the braking system on your vehicle is of utmost importance to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Trust the experts in our Spitzer Toyota service department to inspect every facet of your brakes when you come in for a routine brake check.

They will flush your brake fluid, add new fluid, check and/or replace the brake pads, resurface the rotors when necessary, and adjust the braking mechanisms to make the entire system is working together in tandem. Don’t trust this important service to just any mechanic.

A technician working on a car engine

Battery Service for the Life of Your Vehicle

Save yourself from getting stuck with a dead battery by visiting our Service Department. If you’ve been having trouble or haven’t had your battery checked in a while, schedule an appointment with our expert technicians to make sure your battery is in excellent working condition.

Our experts will inspect your battery, battery cables, and terminals. They’ll also clean them, treat them to prevent corrosion, and perform an open circuit voltage and load test to make sure everything is working properly. You can drive away with a high-functioning battery and great peace of mind.

A technician rolling a new tire towards a car

The Importance of Maintaining Your Tires

Don’t ignore your tires when it comes to routine maintenance services. Good tire maintenance is important for your safety, your vehicle’s maximum gas mileage, and achieving the longest tire lifespan possible.

Four basic tire services we perform at Spitzer Toyota are wheel alignment—adjusting the vehicle suspension components for optimal vehicle handling, performance, and wear and tear, balancing—correcting weight imbalances within the wheel and tire for a smooth ride and even tread wear, rotation—routinely repositioning tires to ensure even wear and tear, and mounting—removing old tires and replacing them with new or seasonal tires.

Close up of a service technician in a Toyota Service Center

Spitzer Toyota—The Service Service Center That Cares

Trust our Spitzer Toyota Service Department for the best in auto repair and auto servicing. And, never let worry about high maintenance costs deter you from taking care of your vehicle. We promise competitive pricing on all of our services, as well as monthly and seasonal specials.

We also offer a helpful Auto Finance Repair program that lets you pay for more costly repairs over a longer period of time. It’s easy to apply—you can talk to one of our finance experts or visit our website right from your smartphone and get prequalified, apply, and E-sign loan documents in three simple steps.

For the best Toyota Service in Monroeville, contact us at Spitzer Toyota.