Car Lease vs. Buying A Car: Learn More At Our Toyota Dealer

Lease or buying a car at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville

Car Lease vs. Buying A Car: Learn More At Our Toyota Dealer

Lots To Think About When Weighing A Lease vs. Buying A Car

As the local Toyota dealer in Monroeville PA, we want to be an invaluable resource for finance options. Plus, we also maintain an amazing inventory of new and used vehicles to choose from.

From the Toyota Tundra to the Camry and everything in between, our new-car inventory covers all styles and comes at a variety of enticing prices. A terrific way to get the most out of your new Toyota is to have a good plan going into it.

Once you decide which new car you want, you must choose between getting a car lease vs. buying a car. In these next few sections, ride along as we present the perks to both options. For some, the idea of ownership is most enticing, while others find a smoother ride in something temporary, as in a leased vehicle.

Finance Center Gets You Behind The Wheel Faster

When you’ve found the perfect Toyota, the next step is to get the perfect finance plan in place. Many car shoppers find themselves debating getting a car lease vs. buying a car. At our Spitzer Toyota Monroeville finance center, our finance experts work with you on the approach that works best for you. More importantly, our finance advisers listen. They take what you say about your budget and then offer options based on your wants and needs.

When you’re in the midst of something as exciting as getting a new or pre-owned vehicle, the last thing you want is to have your enthusiasm trumped by payment concerns. Visit us today and let us help you.

Opting For Ownership

What has long been the most popular avenue to getting a new vehicle, buying that new Toyota brings tremendous satisfaction. After all, once you’ve made those final monthly payments, the vehicle is yours free and clear for the long run.

Unless you’re planning to pay cash up front, when you decide to buy, a great way to finance your new Toyota or other vehicle toward ownership is via a car loan. In the Spitzer Toyota Monroeville finance center, we are proud of strong relationships with lenders known to offer the most competitive loan rates going. What that translates to are lower loan payments for you.

Additional perks to buying your Toyota is that you face no limit to the number of miles you can put on the vehicle and are free to customize it exactly as you would like.

The title of the vehicle will remain with the lender until the debt is satisfied, but you will enjoy more freedom buying your vehicle than if you were to lease.

When Leasing Makes Best Sense

Buying a new Toyota certainly comes with its share of perks. But, so, too, does leasing. After all, not everyone wishes to hang on to the same vehicle for the long term. If you’re the type who savors the idea of driving a new car every 2-3 years and don’t plan to overwhelm the vehicle with high miles, a car lease is a terrific way to go.

When deciding to lease vs. buying a car, arguably the biggest selling point to car leases is that monthly payments will be lower. That is simply a result of not paying toward eventual ownership. A few things to keep in mind with car leases pertain to wear and tear. Since the vehicle will be returned and picked up by another shopper, there will be a reasonable limit to the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. For that same reason, you will not be able to customize the vehicle as you may wish.

If your daily commutes aren’t overly taxing and you like the idea of lower monthly payments, visit the customer service experts in our finance center today.

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With the preferred Monroeville auto dealer, you can end that exhausting search for the best of all things automotive.

Not only do we feature an outstanding lineup of new and used vehicles, but we will advise and help you with the best way to finance it.
When it’s time for that routine maintenance or other repair work, let our parts and services department give your vehicle the personal touch it deserves.

At Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we stay focused on big-picture success. Excelling at one thing just doesn’t cut it for us, because we know it doesn’t for you. For all your automotive wants and needs, opt for the premier car dealership in Monroeville — Spitzer Toyota Monroeville.

August 26, 2019
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