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Genuine Toyota Car Batteries in Monroeville, PA

It can be easy to forget about your car battery, but it’s not something that you want to leave your mind off of for too long. The battery is an essential part of your car, and looking into servicing your Toyota battery now may someday save you from a lot of stress. Do you want to make sure that your battery is operating as it should be? You should visit Spitzer Toyota for Toyota Battery Service in Monroeville PA.

Pennsylvania is probably better known for its winters than summers, but we can get extreme temperatures during both seasons, which can mess with how a battery operates. This is why we suggest getting your battery checked before winter and during summer, especially if your current battery is a few years old.

When Should You Change The Battery In A Toyota?

You can generally expect a battery to last around three to five years, but this can change depending on certain things, such as its operating environment. Aside from just based off of years, there are a few other ways that you can tell that your battery will soon need replacing. One thing you should pay attention to is whether running the air conditioner or heater makes your lights significantly dimmer. You’ll also want to visually inspect the battery to see if any telltale signs that it needs replacing are present, such as bulging, leaking, and corrosion.

Schedule Toyota Battery Service In Monroeville, PA

Want to have your Toyota battery looked over by the experts? We have the experience and knowledge that you need at the Spitzer Toyota service center! You can bring in your Toyota – or another type of car – into us and we’ll look it over to make sure the battery is working as it should be. And, if needed, we can also replace it with a genuine Toyota battery.


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