Spring car care maintenance tips from Spitzer Monroeville Toyota

Spring car care maintenance tips from Spitzer Monroeville Toyota

Beat the Heat with Essential Spring Maintenance Car Care

Why Spring Toyota Car Maintenance Matters

For many people, the onset of spring serves as a great time to clean, plant and tend to those household things which get brushed aside throughout the fall and winter. In Monroeville, PA, it’s also a perfect time to dust off that Toyota care maintenance schedule and show your car, truck or SUV a little TLC. Actually, by ensuring the health and well-being of your vehicle, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Through a few simple Toyota maintenance measures, you can help keep your vehicle running smoothly into the summer months and beyond. For a breakdown of some of the easy ways to preserve, protect and prolong the life of your Toyota, check out these next few helpful sections.

For anything you may not feel comfortable doing on your own, visit the Spitzer Monroeville Toyota service center. Our top-notch, professional technicians are poised to handle all your service and maintenance needs.

From Wires to Tires, Batteries and Belts

Since colder weather can actually lower air pressure in a car tire, spring is the perfect time to check it. As it warms up outside, the tires expand, which makes low tire pressure even more problematic. As an added incentive, consider the fact that low tire pressure requires more effort from your engine. More effort from your engine requires more gas and, well, you see where this is heading.

Speaking of cold temperatures, it can also adversely impact the life of your car battery by drawing energy right out of it. Most car batteries make good on about four years of life. Check the built date on the battery and seriously consider replacing it if it’s more than four years old. If you notice leaks or corrosion, you would be wise to replace it or, at a minimum, have it checked out by a trusted technician.

One need only look under the hood to see a myriad of wires, belts and hoses. If you’re like most people, you may not be able to determine what does what. But, what you are able to do is simply look closely at each wire, belt and hose for wear-and-tear issues, like leaks, cracks or rust.

Good, Clean Fluid Levels and Fresh Air Filters

While under the hood checking those belts and hoses, be sure to look at fluid levels, especially oil. Without good, clean oil, it won’t take long for all parts of your vehicle’s engine to start suffering. Oil is imperative to the smooth, lubricated operation of all parts. Radiator and power steering fluids are also important to check. The owner’s manual will provide information on how to check and what to look for.

Since most Toyotas these days feature air filters for the interior, do yourself and your passengers a favor and check it for effectiveness. Air filters in cars are similar to air filters with your home AC unit. They keep air clean and free from debris. Air filters can be found in the engine bay.

Spitzer Monroeville Toyota Service Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

If any of the above suggestions aren’t ones you feel comfortable with taking on your own, the Spitzer Monroeville Toyota Service Center is trusted home to more drivers in Monroeville, Murrysville and Pitcairn.

We offer everything from comprehensive and affordable maintenance plans to major engine repair. Our technicians operate on every vehicle with integrity to ensure the safety and well-being of all occupants of all vehicles.

For a better overall automotive experience this spring and beyond, count on the dealership and service center more drivers prefer, Spitzer Monroeville Toyota.

April 14, 2022
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