Car-Buying Process Made Simple and Easy

Customer shaking hands after new car purchase.

Car-Buying Process Made Simple and Easy

What to Expect When Buying a New Car

If you’re in the market for a new Toyota or other vehicle, congratulations. It’s one of life’s exciting experiences. But, as thrilling as it is, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. After all, buying a new car isn’t something we do often. With a little preparation and planning, though, you can easily avoid any speed bumps.

The key to a successful car-buying experience is to be up to speed with regard to the steps involved. In these next few sections, the preferred Toyota dealership in Monroeville provides you with information and insight into all you need to keep in mind.

Keep reading, and we hope you will take advantage of Spitzer Toyota Monroeville’s exceptional service from our team of friendly professionals.

Test Drives and Determining Who to Buy From

Part of deciding on the best new car, truck, or SUV for you is via a test drive. From making sure the features align with your needs, to delivering the right amount of power and performance, you want a car that sets up perfectly for you. Not exactly breaking news, we know. Remember, taking a test drive commits you to nothing. Enjoy the test drive without ever having to worry that it locks you in.

Before taking a test drive, it’s important to learn a little bit about the dealerships you may potentially do business with. Word of mouth is a good way to learn about a dealership’s customer service practices. You can also visit a dealership’s website to learn a lot about sales and specials.

At Spitzer Toyota in Monroeville PA, we not only offer an exceptional customer service experience, but we’re also staffed with the most knowledgeable and experienced team members in the industry. Making your car buying process as smooth as possible!

Auto Loans and the Pre-Approval Process

Once you’ve found that new Toyota that perfectly suits your wants and needs, getting a pre-approved car loan really helps get the wheels in motion towards ownership. You will want to have an understanding of how much you can afford and, based on that, do your homework for lending agencies that will work with that budget and provide you the best possible interest rate. It’s also important to know what your credit score is when entering this phase of the process.

A few good sources for pre-approved loans on a car purchase may include the dealership itself, your bank, or other credit unions. While a 20% down payment is recommended, it’s also just not possible for some drivers. Another option is to put 10% down and combine it with a gap or new-car insurance. Being conservative reduces the possibility of over-extending yourself and causing stress. The best way to approach this step is to let the finance professionals at Spitzer Toyota guide you in the right direction.

Researching Sale Price and Warranties

Doing due diligence and researching the price of the car you want from a variety of dealerships will save you money every time. Remember, car dealerships want your business and will do their best to work with you on a price quote you’re comfortable with. You have leverage here. Negotiating a good deal is a big part of the process as both buyer and seller.

You also want to look into what kind of extended warranty the vehicle can come with. A few other questions to ask about early in the process are with regard to possible paint protection and prepaid maintenance plans.

Closing the Deal and Hitting the Road

When all else is said and done and you are ready to roll, it’s always a good idea to get an extra set of trusted eyes on the paperwork before signing off. The key to the most successful car-buying experience is confidence, not only during the process but after closing the deal, too. There is no room for regrets on the open road.

Buying a new car really is a memorable process. With the right preparation, there need not be any snags. To learn more about all the new Toyotas for sale, or to speak with a representative about the car-buying process, visit the preferred car dealership more Pennsylvania drivers prefer, Spitzer Toyota Monroeville.

September 1, 2020
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