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How Often Should I Replace My Tires?

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If it’s been a while since you changed your tires, chances are, it’s time to replace one or more (or all) of them. However, if you’re not a mechanic, how can you tell? Fortunately, there are signs you can look for to know whether it’s likely time for a tire replacement service, signs that are relatively easy to spot. Read on to find out more about how often you should be changing your tires and signs you can look for that tell you whether it’s time for a replacement.

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5 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Tires

There are many signs you can look for that suggest it’s time for a tire replacement service, but here are some of the most common reasons to take your vehicle in to get checked:

1. Tread Wear

Likely the easiest indicator you can look for, tread wear refers to the depth of your tread, which wears down over time as you drive your vehicle. The suggested tread depth is between 9/32’s and 11/32’s of an inch, with a measurement of around 2/32’s of an inch indicating that it’s time to change your tires.

Fortunately, with a tool like a tire tread depth gauge, you can test your tread depth easily from home, which makes it a useful tool to pick up from your local auto supply store and keep in your glove compartment.

2. Visible Damage

Other than tread wear, there are several types of visible damage you can look for to get an idea of whether you need to get your tires checked or replaced.

Visible cracks are a common sign, as are cuts in the tire rubber, that indicate it’s time for tire repair. Splits in the tire itself are more severe signs that you need to take your vehicle in sooner than later. Any type of visible damage could lead to a tearing of the tire itself with enough wear, so it’s critical to not let much (or any) time pass before getting your tires checked.

3. Raised Surfaces or Bulges

Another type of visible effect you can look for are raised surfaces or bulges. Bulges or areas that appear bubble-like are a sign that the internal frame of the tire has sustained damage. That’s bad because it could lead to damage to the integrity of the tire itself at any time.

4. Vibration

A different kind of sign, vibrations can be caused when your tires wear down unevenly and cause a kind of minor shaking back and forth due to the axel vibrating. This can sometimes mean you have an alignment issue, but either problem is a reason to take your vehicle in to get checked.

5. Valve Cap

One last sign you can look for is a broken or damaged valve cap. If the valve cap on any of your tires is too tight or too loose, it can lead to issues over a period of time, leading to either a stripping of the stem or leaking.

How Often Should You Be Replacing Your Tires?

Now that we’ve covered some of the most common signs that you’re in need of tire replacement, let’s talk about how often you should be replacing your tires.

If you’re getting ready to take your vehicle in, or you just had it serviced recently, you might be wondering when to put down on your calendar to recheck your tires. Six months? One year? Longer?

Even if your vehicle hasn’t been hit with any specific type of visible damage, they’ll still wear down over time. So, you’ll want to have a schedule for when to take your car in to get rechecked.

With that said, it takes a while for that to happen. Typically, you’ll want to get a tire replacement service every six years, though that really depends on how many miles you drive per year. However, it’s best not to wait six years and instead get your tires checked every year with regular service.

Get the Best Tire Replacement Service in Monroeville

Tire replacement service isn’t exciting, but your vehicle lasting for many years to come with minimal issues is. And if you want that to happen, regular tire replacement service is a necessity. Getting your tires checked and replaced regularly isn’t just about your vehicle’s health, though, it’s also about keeping your loved ones safe as any tire-related issue can potentially cause an accident.

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