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Finding The Right Finance Option

The time has come to buy a new vehicle, so you’ll need to figure out which finance option is best for you and your budget. At Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we have a very capable staff of finance experts who know our options better than anyone else. Our 2 most popular options are a Toyota lease or a car loan.

Keep on reading to find out more about getting a car lease. For further questions, you can speak with one of the representatives at our Toyota dealership when you visit or call today.

What Is A Toyota Lease?

When you’re looking at a Toyota lease, there are some important things to know. The first is that a car lease can be viewed at a long-term vehicle rental that typically lasts about 3 years. There are other lease terms that you should be aware of as well, such as:

  • Monthly Payments: As with any vehicle finance option, there are the payments you must make. These are composed of the primary value and an interest rate divided over a certain amount of time.
  • Mileage Limits: Each lease will have a set number of miles the vehicle can be driven before extra fees are necessary. The objective of a lease is to keep the vehicle as new as possible without an enormous amount of wear and tear over a short period of time.
  • Length of Term: A car lease is typically set for 36 months. After this time is up, you must return the vehicle to the dealership.
  • Fees: As with a rental, there are some restrictions to what you can do with the vehicle and there can be fees associated with this. Going over the set mileage limit can cause a fee as well as an excess amount of wear and tear.

Call our Toyota dealer in Monroeville to find out more about what a Toyota lease is and how you can get one today.

Lease a new Toyota at Spitzer Toyota in Monroeville PA

What Are The Benefits Of A Toyota Lease?

There are a couple of benefits to getting a Toyota lease – a lower price, no long-term commitment and widespread availability. Here, we will go over each benefit and what they actually entail.

  • Price: When you get a lease, the monthly payments will generally be lower than those of a loan. This is because the payments are mostly covering the cost of depreciation and not the vehicle itself.
  • Commitment: A lease will generally last no more than 3 years, so you can technically have a new car every few years. This is great if you want to take the time to figure out the kind of vehicle that you want for the long term.
  • Availability: The availability to have a vehicle you normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

You can learn more about the different benefits of a car lease at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville today.

How Do I Get A Toyota Lease?

You can find the perfect Toyota lease from us in 2 different ways. You can either browse our selection of lease inventory online, or you can call our finance department and speak with one of our finance professionals. Our online inventory will be up to date with all of our latest lease deals as well as any other specials we currently have.

By speaking with one of our finance experts, they can help you find the right car lease to match your budget. They strive to give each driver the customer service they deserve while also helping them find the perfect vehicle to fit in their life. Come to our Toyota dealer in Monroeville to learn more about how you can get a Toyota lease today.

Cars, Trucks And SUVs To Lease

At Spitzer Toyota Monroeville near Pittsburgh, we have a wide variety of new Toyota’s you can lease. Whether you know what you’re looking for or need to be pointed in the right direction, our sales associates will be able to help you each step of the way. Need something compact and fuel-efficient? Try out the new Toyota Corolla or if you’re in need of something for a growing family, try the Toyota Highlander.

Our finance experts will work hard to find you the finance option, such as a Toyota lease, that will give you the lowest monthly payments possible. Take a look at our cars for lease then schedule your test drive with us online today.

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