What is Toyota Coolant Flush Service?

What is Toyota Coolant Flush Service?

What is Toyota Coolant Flush Service?

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How you care for your vehicle matters. And, at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we care about how your vehicle offers you maximum performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. That’s why we offer a full menu of auto repair services that include routine maintenance, transmission repairs, wheel alignments and Toyota coolant flush service.

What is coolant flush service? It’s a necessary service to help keep your engine from running hot while offering the lubricant your vehicle components need. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of coolant flush service, contact our service team today. We employ only certified technicians who take a personal approach to keep you knowledgeable about how your car, truck or SUV operates, regardless of the make or model.

The Advantages of Coolant Flush Service

As a vehicle owner, you know the importance of routine maintenance, which typically includes tire rotations and oil change service. Just like your engine oil offers lubrication for the engine’s working parts, coolant fluid helps to do the same for the cooling system. Over time, it’s common for the fluid to become clouded with scale deposits, rust deposits, contaminants and particles. These agents can inhibit how the coolant offers lubrication.

As a result, you may notice that your engine overheats or the fluid can lead to corrosion or buildup. When your vehicle’s cooling system breaks down, it’s likely the fluid has become acidic which can wear down the aluminum components of the engine, the water pump and the rubber hoses. This can also lead to an engine coolant leak.

When you schedule Toyota coolant flush service, our technicians inspect all parts of the system, including the radiator hose, heater core, hose clamps and radiator cap to ensure you don’t have a blown head gasket, engine coolant leak or antifreeze leak. This comprehensive inspection also includes the working parts of the engine and the cooling system.

Signs and Symptoms You Need Service

Although Toyota coolant flush service is recommended every 30,000 miles, in between your service visits, you may notice signs that you need to schedule coolant flush service sooner than the vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. The most common sign is when your check engine light illuminates. If the code is related to the coolant, our team will get to work to ensure you don’t have an engine coolant leak while also performing a system flush.

Other signs that you need Toyota coolant flush service include a temperature gauge that reads hot, pools of orange or green liquid underneath the vehicle and acidic buildup within the fluid. Our team will work to stop leaks, perform coolant flush service and get you back on the road quickly.

Schedule Toyota Coolant Flush Service Online

At Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we make it easy to schedule coolant flush service. Simply access our website to schedule service online and take a look at our monthly service specials that help you save on auto repairs and routine maintenance. As your go-to Monroeville car dealership, we are here to serve all of your automotive needs.

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February 18, 2022
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