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Why is a Toyota Diagnostic Test Important?

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Driving a Toyota model is a thrilling experience. However, how you maintain your luxury sedan, SUV, pickup truck or hybrid model is important. If you’ve noticed an odd noise, odor or warning lights on your dash, it’s time to contact the service team at Spitzer Toyota in Monroeville, PA. We offer a comprehensive inspection of all working parts of your vehicle when performing Toyota diagnostic tests to ward off expensive auto repairs or problems with performance and fuel economy.

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What is a Toyota Diagnostic Test?

When you schedule a Toyota Diagnostic Test, the certified technicians at our Toyota service center in Monroeville, PA, hook up your vehicle to a high-tech diagnostic system that generates error codes indicating any issues or problems with your vehicle. These error codes will indicate the exact problem that is causing your check engine light to illuminate or issues that have affected how your Toyota model drives.

There are thousands of potential error codes that could cause your check engine light to illuminate, so the certified technicians at our Toyota service center also take your vehicle for a test drive and perform an in-depth evaluation and inspection of all working components of your pickup truck, sedan or SUV.

Once we’ve detected needed auto repairs, our technicians will meet with you personally to discuss a plan of action. While the error codes from your Toyota diagnostic test may indicate a minor issue, know that the team at our service center will compile a maintenance schedule that helps you stay on top of the routine maintenance and auto repairs you may need in the future. We also spotlight our monthly service specials that help you save more on routine maintenance before performing any auto repairs.

Common Toyota Diagnostic Test Results

While it may be alarming to see your check engine light flashing, know that the service team at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville will unveil the cause. During a Toyota diagnostic test, we will evaluate the error codes that appear at the service center at our Toyota dealer in Monroeville, PA. Error codes may vary. For instance, a Toyota diagnostic test could reveal something minor, such as a loose gas cap or a bad spark plug. However, it may be something more serious.

Common error codes from a Toyota diagnostic test may reveal a problem with the ignition coil, the powertrain, the onboard computer system, the exhaust system, the braking system or engine components. There may also be a problem with your tailpipe emissions or catalytic converters that need to be replaced.

Providing our customers with peace of mind is our specialty. That’s why after performing a Toyota diagnostic test, we will discuss any concerns you may have with your vehicle that may not be triggering the check engine light to illuminate. For example, if you’ve noticed an odd odor in the cabin or smoke or steam stemming from the engine, let us know and we will perform an inspection of all working components.

Comprehensive Menu of Auto Repairs

It’s best to not ignore your check engine light when it illuminates because avoiding necessary maintenance could lead to bigger problems down the road. Luckily, you have the team at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville to perform Toyota diagnostic tests to uncover the issue right away.

In addition to Toyota diagnostic tests, we also offer a full menu of auto repairs for all makes and models at our service department. Our menu includes routine maintenance such as fluid checks, oil changes and tire rotations. We also specialize in major and minor auto repairs, such as battery replacements, brake inspections, tire replacements, transmission repairs, coolant flushes and more.

Simply schedule service on our website or contact one of our certified technicians to learn more about how we care for all of your automotive needs.

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