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4710 William Penn Highway, Monroeville
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Vehicle Checkup And Inspection

Maintaining the health of your vehicle is important, and that’s why car manufacturers recommend regular vehicle inspections. And you need to make sure that you have a complete vehicle checkup when you get one, for the best possible maintenance results. Below are just some of the many ways that your vehicle will be inspected during your standard checkup, and each of them is designed to help you drive safer and worry-free.

Vehicle Checkup And Inspection

This inspection starts by checking your tire pressure, making sure that the recommended pressure matches the vehicle’s specifications. From there, we’ll check the tire tread wear, looking for uneven tire wear on the outside and inside of your tires. This is to make sure that your tires have not fallen below the recommended levels. Finally, we will check the tire and wheel alignment, to check for uneven tread wear or a misaligned steering wheel that could lead to issues in vehicle alignment and stability.


Another area that we will be checking in these inspections is your vehicle filters, to make sure they are free of debris and pollutants. This is important to make sure your vehicle is circulating air properly, and that you don’t have any respiratory health hazards. This leads us to our next inspection area.


Respiratory health is very important, especially if you’re on a long drive, and so you need to make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system is up to standards. This inspection includes looking for noises like popping, hissing, excessive loudness, and any other indicator of issues in your exhaust system. These issues include problems such as leaking or damaged muffler, broken tailpipe, punctured catalytic converter, or other similar exhaust issues.


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