Vehicle Recall FAQ

Vehicle Recall FAQ

Toyota Vehicle Recall FAQ

I’ve Got a Toyota Recall and I’ve Got Questions

Have a Toyota recall coming up but have a few questions about how things work? Don’t worry, as we’re here to cover some of the most common concerns we receive to offer full clarity to you. So, join us today in our vehicle recall FAQ to see if you find the answers you’re looking for. Also, schedule your recall service at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville today to get started with swift and precise repairs—it’s only the start of how we help you as your local Toyota dealer near Monroeville, PA.

How Will I Know if My Toyota Has a Recall?

Start by keeping up with your mail—by law, Toyota must send a first-class letter to all registered owners of the Toyota vehicles in question, letting you know the recall and details about why you’ll need the fix and how it impacts your safety.

But what if you moved recently or had issues with the mail? Not to worry, as you can still use the Toyota Lookup Safety Recalls and Service Campaigns page—all you need is your license plate number or VIN, and you’ll see a list of all active updates (only those that haven’t been fixed) on your vehicle.

Will I Get Money Back if I Paid for a Repair in a Recall?

If you already paid for a repair covered by a recall, you may be able to receive a reimbursement. Just send a copy of your repair order, proof-of-payment, and ownership information to Toyota’s online self-service reimbursement site, through fax (310-381-7756), or through mail. If you opt for the mail route, send the letter to:

Toyota Brand Engagement Center – TSR
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
c/o Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
P O Box 259001 – SSC/CSP Reimbursements
Plano, Texas 75025-9001

What Are Some Common Toyota Recalls?

With the Toyota fuel pump recall, your fuel pump could stop functioning, which results in a rougher ride and stalling—and if you stall in traffic at higher speeds, you’re at an increased risk of a collision. Meanwhile, the Toyota airbag recall (also called the Takata recall) is the largest in automotive history, where the inflator inside the bags can explode upon deployment causing serious injury.

How Much Will My Recall Service Cost

Here’s the best part—you pay nothing for a recall service. Instead, Toyota covers all the costs, ensuring you have virtually nothing to lose by scheduling this service.

Where’s the Best Place to Schedule Recall Service?

No need to delay action when you receive notice of a recall. Instead, take your Toyota vehicle to Spitzer Toyota Monroeville to help your vehicle return to the road in safer condition. Keep in mind, we only allow factory-trained experts to work on your vehicle to help ensure precision and speed whether you drive a Supra, a Tundra, or anything in between. We also always put your needs first while you’re here, so let us know how we can assist you.

April 11, 2022
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