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Is Your Car Due for a Coolant Flush?

Coolant Flush Service in Monroeville, PA

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Is your vehicle ready for a coolant flush?

Coolant flushes are one of the most vital services that your vehicle can receive. Let’s examine what this service has to offer your car before you visit Spitzer Toyota Monroeville for your next scheduled coolant flush or inspection.

What Is Car Coolant?

Car engines naturally get hot as they operate. A lack of heat protection will cause an engine to wear down and potentially melt.

Did you know that most engine failures are related to engine cooling issues? Car coolant often plays a role in these mechanical issues.

Your vehicle’s coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, shields your engine from overheating and lubricates the moving parts it makes contact with. Engine coolant works in tandem with the many components of your vehicle’s liquid cooling system and continuously moves through your engine before coming back through the radiator. A lack of lubrication in this context can cause damage to your car’s head gasket, cylinder, piston timing, and water pump.

What Happens during Coolant Flush Service?

Your Spitzer Toyota Monroeville Service Center coolant flush will help you rid dirt, sludge, and rust from your vehicle’s cooling system while simultaneously helping you become aware of parts that may be showing signals of decline. Our Service Center’s certified technicians will use a coolant flush kit to empty your radiator’s old coolant before refilling the radiator with fresh coolant.

It can be easy to neglect coolant flushes but staying on top of this essential service will help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

A common sign of low coolant is when a car’s engine overheats. You might benefit from a coolant flush if your vehicle’s temperature gauge is fluctuating.

Have you heard any grinding or knocking sounds emitting from your engine? These unusual engine noises can indicate problems like coolant flowing back into the car’s heater.

You may experience a time when you smell something sweet coming from your car hood. This smell may be a symptom of a coolant leak. More visual representations of coolant leaks can include green, orange, yellow, or pink fluid dripping underneath your vehicle.

Drivers are doing themselves a great service by routinely checking their coolant level. You can streamline your ability to check your car’s coolant level with Spitzer Monroeville’s certified technicians that assess your coolant tank and compare fluid levels.

Are Coolant Flushes Really That Important?

Cooling system flushes are extremely important since they remove rust and scale deposits that accumulate over time. These forms of debris can lead to your engine overheating and cause harm to your entire cooling system. Fresh antifreeze contains additives that lubricate your vehicle’s water pump and fight rust contamination with healthy anti-corrosive properties.

Quality Service Coverage That Comes Standard

Spitzer Toyota Monroeville’s Spitzer Shield program simplifies your ability to effectively manage coolant flush costs with New and Certified Pre-Owned buyer service and maintenance benefits.

Purchase a New vehicle at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, and you’ll receive a Nationwide Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Certified Pre-Owned Spitzer Toyota Monroeville buyers receive a 7-year/100,000-Mile Nationwide Powertrain Warranty and 3-Month/3,000-mile Limited Comprehensive Bumper-to-Bumper coverage.

Browse Spitzer Toyota Monroeville’s New and Certified Pre-Owned inventory or schedule your next coolant flush with our Service Center online today.