Making the Switch to Electric is Easy at Spitzer Toyota!

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Bypass The Pump… Forever!

Switching to a Toyota electric vehicle can be an exciting experience! Thanks to benefits like zero tailpipe emissions, instant torque, and the outstanding fuel savings, more and more drivers are happily switching to electric vehicles. However, some drivers aren’t so sure about buying or leasing a vehicle without an internal combustion engine, while others are hesitant about charging.

Here at Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we’re here to make your switch to an electric vehicle as seamless as possible. Whether you have questions about charging and range, or vehicle features and tax incentives, we’re here to help! Let’s cover some of the basics of switching to an electric vehicle, and find out why drivers around Monroeville, PA trust us for all of their automotive needs.

Discover Some Exciting Benefits To Driving Electric

There are so many benefits to switching to an electric vehicle. Here some of the benefits that EV drivers love about no longer having to stop for fuel:

Charge at Home

One of the many benefits to driving an electric vehicle is that you can charge it at home while you sleep. Unlike gasoline powered vehicles that require you to stop at the gas station when you need to refuel, electric vehicles allow you to charge at your convenience at home. Not only does this offer the greatest energy savings, but it also eliminates the need to add a charging stop to your schedule!

Tax Incentives

Because of the added technology and development that goes into electric vehicles, they often come at a higher cost than gas powered cars. Toyota electric vehicles and even many of our plug-in hybrid models are eligible for exceptional tax incentives that help cut down on electric vehicle costs.

Enhanced Performance

One of the outstanding benefits of driving an electric vehicle is that they offer instant torque. Instead of waiting for an internal combustion engine to rev higher to generate speed, electric motors can deliver full power instantly.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle?

Now that we’ve covered some of the many benefits of electric vehicles, let’s dive into charging!

Charging an electric vehicle is seamless but some drivers don’t know about the various charging levels and which is best for their vehicle. EV batteries are capable of charging at multiple speeds. Here are the three levels of charging:

Level 1 Charging – this type of charging comes from a regular 120V socket and offers the slowest charging speeds. Most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can use their onboard charger to plug in to a standard socket. Because plug-in hybrid batteries are smaller, they can recharge in as little as five or six hours, however, because full electric vehicles have much larger batteries than plug in hybrids, it can take a couple days to charge at this speed.

Level 2 Charging –Level two charging uses a 240V outlet or a professionally installed home charger, and allows you to charge your EV in just a few hours.

Level 3 Charging – Level three charging can be found at many public fast chargers, and cuts down how long it takes to charge your vehicle. Delivering high rates of power, charging times can be as little as 30 minutes.

Make The Switch To Electric At Spitzer Toyota

At Spitzer Toyota Monroeville, we strive to help make your switch to an electric vehicle as seamless and hassle-free as possible. From our exceptional selection of vehicles, to our personalized customer service, there’s so many benefits waiting for you here at our Toyota dealership! We’re located near Murrysville, and Churchill, PA and we’d love to get you on the road while taking advantage of one of our exceptional specials! Make your way down to Spitzer Toyota Monroeville and get on the road in a new electric vehicle today!

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